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Paper 2 Unit 3: Topic Wise Tests

  1. Information Sources - Nature, Characteristics, Types and Formats.
  2. Sources of Information - Primary, Secondary and Tertiary; Documentary and Non-Documentary.
  3. Primary Information Sources (Print and Electronic) - Journals, Conference Proceedings, Patents, Standards, Theses & Dissertations, Trade Literature.
  4. Secondary Information Sources (Print and Electronic) - Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Bibliographies, Indexing & Abstracting, Statistical sources, Handbooks and Manuals.
  5. Tertiary Information Sources (Print and Electronic)- Directories, Year Books, Almanacs.
  6. Reference Sources - Bibliographical, Biographical, Educational, Language and Geographical.
  7. Electronic Information Resources - Subject Gateways, Web Portals, Bulletin Boards, Discussion Forums /Groups.
  8. Databases: Bibliographic, Numeric, Full text, Multimedia; Open Access Databases.
  9. Institutional and Human Resources.[No Test]
  10. Evaluation of Reference Sources and Web Resources.
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