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Paper 2 Unit 5: Topic Wise Tests

  1. Universe of Knowledge - Nature and Attributes; Modes of Formation of Subjects.
  2. Knowledge Organisation - Classification – Theories, Cannons, and Principles; Simple Knowledge Organisation System (SKOS), Taxonomies, Folksonomy, Trends in Classification.
  3. Mapping of Subjects in Library Classification Schemes – DDC, UDC and CC.
  4. Knowledge Organisation: Cataloguing - Cannons and Principles; Centralized and Co-operative Catalogue; Library Cataloguing Codes: CCC and AACR - II.
  5. Standards of Bibliographic Record Formats and Description – ISBD, MARC 21, CCF, RDA, FRBR, Bibframe.
  6. Standards for Bibliographic Information Interchange & Communication – ISO 2709, Z39.50, Z39.71.
  7. Metadata Standards: Dublin Core; MARC21, METS, MODS, EAD.
  8. Indexing Systems and Techniques: Assigned - Pre-coordinate; Post-Coordinate; Derived- Title-based; Vocabulary Control.
  9. Abstracting – Types and Guidelines.[NA]
  10. Information Retrieval System – Features, Components, Models and Evaluation.
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