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Paper 2 Unit 2: Topic Wise Tests

1. Historical Development of Libraries in India; Committees and Commissions on Libraries in India.
2. Types of Libraries – Academic, Public, Special and National.
3. Library Legislation and Library Acts in Indian States; The Press and Registration of Books Act; The Delivery of Books and Newspapers (Public Libraries) Act.
4. Laws of Library Science.
5. Library and Information Science Profession - Librarianship as a Profession, Professional Skills and Competences; Professional Ethics.
6. Professional Associations - National – ILA, IASLIC, IATLIS; International – IFLA, ALA, CILIP, ASLIB, SLA; Role of UGC, RRRLF and UNESCO in Promotion and Development of Libraries.
7. Library and Information Science Education in India.
8. Library Public Relations and Extension Activities.
9. Type of Users - User Studies, User Education.
10. Information Literacy - Areas, Standards, Types and Models;Trends in Information Literacy.

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